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An Islamized exposition of the Transfiguration narrative.




What follows is more or less a Muslim presentation regarding the identity of the Holy Spirit deduced from a range of Scriptural literature consisting of both Judaeo-Christian and Islamic sources. Though Muslims over-time have been quite unanimous with regards to his identity, Christians have and to this day debate the true identity, personality, and function of the Holy Spirit. Hence, our observation – as we hope – will incite Christian audience including the Muslim.


What follows is a minor attempt of assimilating the famous ‘Lord’s Prayer’ with Islam. Though the Prayer requires no incorporating and is very much part of Islamic teachings (if not tradition), the need was there to convey that Muslims not only own the ‘Lord’s Prayer’; it’s message very much expresses the essence of Islam. This short article is edited by me (6sman), the original source can be found here written by brother Joan Booso to whom I’m very thankful.

This is an extracted portion of a book I found most read-worthy entitled: ‘Muhammad Foretold in the Bible by Name’, by Abdus Sattar Ghauri and Dr. Ihsanur Rahman Ghauri. As the title indicates, this serve as an attempt in order to find vindication for Muhammad’sﷺ Prophet-hood. But this presentation should not be seen as just another turgid construction over a presumed fancy and pre-supposed truth of Islam. Instead, the author, who possesses impressive scope of things, explains the dire predicament that if the prophecy of Deuteronomy 18:18 is not fulfilled in Prophet Muhammadﷺ: then it still, precariously, awaits the person in whom it may be realized.


This discussion should not be viewed as anti-Christian or pro-Islamic propaganda but purely my honest opinion on this most sensitive and talked about subject. As opposed to the general perception among Christians regarding the Muslim view-point on Christology, such a discussion does not stem from any ill-feeling towards Christ Jesus[p], after who’s name we say ‘peace and blessing of God be on him’, nor hatred towards the Christian community, but rather it’s the relationship we enjoy with and the enigmatic personality of Jesus[p] that keeps drawing us into seeking the true nature of the great man[p]. And the reason why addressees of such discussions are always Christians is because of our mutual regard for Jesus[p] and the unique relationship both Christians and Muslims enjoy as sited in the Qur’an [5:82] that generates between us and you an in-separable bond of respect and affection till the Last-Day, Amen!

Only two things remain that hinder this relationship from becoming a love-affair, one of which, in my humble opinion, is the un-necessary assertion of Christ'[p] Divinity (Godhood) which shall, God-Willing, be erased if one were to ponder what follows and seek the truth with an open heart. And I see no reason to think otherwise, do share one if there is.


Decisive Biblical Evidence Against Christ’s Divinity


We’re all familiar with the Biblical version, here we present slightly varying Qur’anic reflection of the famous ‘Ten Commandments’.