Ghazali on Yazid

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Islam
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Imam al-Ghazali al-Sufi, renowned as “hujjatu’l-Islam” (proof of Islam), was asked whether it was admissible to curse Yazid b. Mu‘awiyah who is widely considered responsible for the death of the holy prophet Muhammad’s noble grandson Hussayn and his household at Wadi al-Karbalaa. The response he gave may startle, even annoy some in this modern age of favoritism and ill-tolerance. Still it is most definitely read-worthy.


  1. souskueaizen says:

    He gave a bias and weak response. *********** His act led to the killing and torturing of the Prophets Grandson and his family, for which he derived pleasure. Read history, there is plenty of proof.

    Any sane human being would know, what he had ordered was inhuman, but if a muslim were not to curse him knowing what the prophet has said of Huysan. Does one actually think, that the one who killed Husyan will be forgiven by God? you think all those who killed the Prophets will be forgiven?.


    • 6sman says:

      Salam, sorry I’ve had to edit your comment because of some seriously bad choice of words. As for your opinion, I do not plan to debate you on this subject, but do advise that you read some books of Tarikh (like Tabari), and firstly learn to use appropriate language. I have something that might do you good:


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