Earnest Hajj Request

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized


This is an open request to answer a fading call and an invitation to receive countless virtue by fulfilling a lifelong and last significant wish of two people. An elderly lady named Sakinah Bibi and her husband Muhammad Anwar passionately wish and eagerly await a call that should enable them to perform the obligatory religious duty of Hajj this coming season (inshaa’Allaah!). But due to in-sufficient funds, making the journey is beyond them for the time being. It is requested that if you or someone you may know is eligible enough to provide them means to complete their journey and have that desire to gain immense favor in Allaah Ta`aala’s sight then this opportunity is not to be missed.

Please read the noble Sakinah Bibi’s petition (below) which provides contacts by which she may be reached, or you could e-mail me (M.Usman) at mu6sman@yahoo.com. Links to Bibi Sakinah’s and her husband’s ID card copies are also provided.

Thank you so much for considering, jazaaka’Allaahu khayran!



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