Quotations of Famous People Regarding Muhammadﷺ

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Christianity, Islam
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Islam is the hottest and most talked about religion in the world today, but, un-fortunately, it is also the most misunderstood religion. So too is it’s Prophet, Muhammadﷺ. The extent to which Muhammadﷺ is misunderstood and how little is known of the great man can be visualized by the observation that Muhammadﷺ, attributed to have founded the religion of Islam, never actually claimed, in fact denied it’s innovation and only proclaimed to have been the last in a noble line of Prophets dating back to their fore-father, Prophet Abraham[p]. What follows are views from people who’ve tried earnestly to know the Prophet[p] and after having grasped, to relative degree, a proper cognizance; intellectuals and orientalists alike are submissive to ask: Has a man greater than heﷺ ever arisen?


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