Decisive Biblical Evidence Against Christ’s Divinity

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Christianity
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This discussion should not be viewed as anti-Christian or pro-Islamic propaganda but purely my honest opinion on this most sensitive and talked about subject. As opposed to the general perception among Christians regarding the Muslim view-point on Christology, such a discussion does not stem from any ill-feeling towards Christ Jesus[p], after who’s name we say ‘peace and blessing of God be on him’, nor hatred towards the Christian community, but rather it’s the relationship we enjoy with and the enigmatic personality of Jesus[p] that keeps drawing us into seeking the true nature of the great man[p]. And the reason why addressees of such discussions are always Christians is because of our mutual regard for Jesus[p] and the unique relationship both Christians and Muslims enjoy as sited in the Qur’an [5:82] that generates between us and you an in-separable bond of respect and affection till the Last-Day, Amen!

Only two things remain that hinder this relationship from becoming a love-affair, one of which, in my humble opinion, is the un-necessary assertion of Christ'[p] Divinity (Godhood) which shall, God-Willing, be erased if one were to ponder what follows and seek the truth with an open heart. And I see no reason to think otherwise, do share one if there is.


Decisive Biblical Evidence Against Christ’s Divinity


  1. methodus says:

    hmm, being a Christian, I feel I should let you know that once you understand the Christian doctrine of the hypostatic union, the above objections become moot. for more on the subject, see here:

    • 6sman says:

      I thank you for your valiant time in reading my work (most don’t) and appreciate your referral which, in all honesty, still doesn’t satisfy my need, and believe me there’s no ‘Muslim dishonesty’ arousing here. My arguments against Christ’[p] asserted Divinity were consciously meant to be simple and straight forwards minus any possible analogies. The author seemingly you’ve kindly provided aims to combine opposites through analogy but once a person starts relying predominantly on analogies for vindication of claims; well then that only, in my humble opinion, adds weight to the clearer position I upheld: for analogies, we need be wary, can produce other un-desired results (try a rainbow for example). More importantly, my arguments herein more often than not came directly from the horse’s mouth i.e. God breathed Scripture, whereas the writer failed to sufficiently address those quite serious objections.

      As for my reading on the term ‘Son of God’ do kindly explore ‘What ‘Son of God’ Really Means…’.


      • methodus says:

        Sorry about the late reply but I’d have to disagree with you. Perhaps it would be better if you wrote a post concerning the article in question (if you are not too busy that is). On that note, I am the author of the post. Anyway, I hope that this comment finds you well and God bless.

      • 6sman says:

        Salam, I appreciate your position even though you didn’t provide any reason for the disagreement. If God wills, I may further elaborate my opinion addressing specifically those analogies you’ve brought forward. Thank you!

  2. methodus says:

    Greetings, as far as reasons for disagreeing, I was actually hoping to state them if and when you wrote your post on the perceived problems with my post. Anyway, hopefully you’ll find the time. God bless.

  3. […] the claim that the Bible does not at all teach Christ’s divinity. This is a response to an article I had read online and hopefully this post will be very short. Yet before continuing, it must be […]

  4. methodus says:

    It has been a while, hopefully you are doing well. I have written my response to the above:

    • 6sman says:

      Salam, by God’s grace I’m fine and wish you better. I have seen your post and hope to offer a response quite soon, until then, stay safe and God bless!

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